Watch Koala Man on Hulu

It is a show about a patriarch who has no power but can sniff out petty crimes for the sake of bringing peace to the community.



Created By

Michael Cusack


Michael Cusack, Sarah Snook, Demi Lardner

How to Watch Koala Man on Hulu Globally [May 2024]


Premiered: January 8, 2023 Certificate: MA

Do you want to watch an adult cartoon? You should watch Koala Man on Hulu. It is a comical adult animation that can keep you entertained while you watch it.

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How to Watch Koala Man on Hulu [May 2024]

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In a fictional world where Australia is the superpower, Kevin has a strange sense of protecting his community. Without actual superpower, he goes by the name Koala Man, who can sniff out crimes. Kevin’s family puts up with his shenanigans, but they each have a unique identity of their own.

FAQs: Watch Koala Man on Hulu

What is Koala Man age rating?

Koala Man is rated for ages 16 and above.

How many seasons of Koala Man are there?

There is only 1 season of Koala Man on Hulu.

Who drew Koala Man?

Michael Cusack is the mastermind behind Koala Man.

What streaming service is Koala Man on?

Hulu. Koala Man is streaming on Hulu.

Who made Koala Man Hulu?

Michael Cusack made Koala Man on Hulu.

Is Koala Man a kids show?

No, Koala Man is not a kids’ show. It is an adult animated cartoon.

Is Koala Man related to Rick and Morty?

A Little bit. The co-creator of the popular animated sitcom “Rick and Morty,” is among the executive producers behind “Koala Man.”

The Finale

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