Life & Beth on Hulu

Things were going great and util they weren't.

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Created By

Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer, Michael Rapaport, Michael Cera

How to Watch Life & Beth on Hulu From Anywhere [Apr 2024]


Runtime: 0 hr 30 min Premiered: March 17, 2022 Certificate: MA

Are you looking to watch a show in the comedy-drama genre? Then, watch Life & Beth on Hulu. It is a brilliant take on comical and personal experiences about adulthood.

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How to Watch Life & Beth on Hulu [April 2024]

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On paper, Beth’s life appears to be fairly ideal. She was impressive to all of her childhood friends. She is a successful wine dealer. She resides in Manhattan and has been in a committed relationship with a handsome, successful man. But her life changes irrevocably when a shocking incident makes her confront her past.

FAQs: Watch Life & Beth on Hulu

Is Life & Beth on Hulu?

Yes. Life & Beth is available to stream on Hulu. If you can’t access Hulu in your country, then worry not; ExpressVPN is here to the rescue.

When can I watch Life & Beth on Hulu?

You can watch Life & Beth on Hulu’s standard subscription. If you have a premium subscription, that’s fine, too. Ensure you’re using a premium VPN to have speedy streaming.

What streaming service is Life & Beth on?

Hulu. Life & Beth can be found on Hulu because it is a Hulu original.

Is Life & Beth on Netflix?

No. Life & Beth is not on Netflix because it is a Hulu original.

Is Life & Beth worth watching?

Yes. Life & Beth is worth watching because it shows the raw reconciliation of a girl confronting her past.

Is Life & Beth about autism?

John’s autism isn’t mentioned in “Life & Beth,” but Schumer, the creator, asserts that “he’s most likely on the spectrum.”

What is the storyline of Life & Beth?

The storyline of Life and Beth is about Beth, who begins to remember herself as a teenager after an unforeseen event and discovers how she came to be who she is and what she wants to be.

Is Life & Beth based on Amy’s life?

Yes. Life & Beth is based on Amy Schumer’s life. After her parents’ divorce, Schumer spent her adolescence growing up too quickly with her mom in the suburbs of Long Island. This experience served as a major inspiration for her passion project, Life & Beth.

Why is Life & Beth Rated MA?

Because Life and Beth is a loss-related dark comedy featuring a lady who sells alcohol for a living, its topics include drinking, sex, and death.

Is Life & Beth Based on a true story?

Partially. Although Beth is a fictional character, Amy Schumer drew a lot of inspiration for Beth’s life from her own.

How many seasons are there of Life & Beth?

There is only 1 season of Life & Beth.

Who is the creator of Hulu’s Life & Beth?

Amy Schumer, the lead actress is the creator of the show, Life & Beth.

Final Words

Life and Beth was a good and comical take on life and its ‘what ifs.’ If you watch Life and Beth on Hulu, let us know how you liked it because we’re eager to know your take on it.

For those of you who haven’t watched this show yet, check out the show this weekend because it’s one brilliant show. For international viewers, make sure you have your ExpressVPN subscription ready to take on the streaming of Hulu smoothly.

Happy binging!