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The unstable, painful, and controversial life and career of Mike Tyson, the heavyweight champion and one of sports culture's most divisive figures.



Created By

Steven Rogers


Trevante Rhodes, Russell Hornsby

How to Watch Mike on Hulu Outside US [May 2024]

Runtime: 0 hr 30 min Premiered: August 24, 2022

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How to Watch Mike on Hulu From Anywhere [May 2024]

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The show offers an unauthorized glimpse into the life of heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson. As a sports mini-series, it sheds light on the boxing icon’s controversial, bitter, varying, and unsafe life and career.

FAQs: Mike on Hulu

Is Mike on Hulu a true story?

Yes. Mike is an unauthorized version of Mike Tyson’s life depiction.

How many episodes of Mike are on Hulu?

There are 8 episodes of Mike on Hulu.

Is Mike available on Hulu?

Yes. Mike is available on Hulu. If you’re located outside the USA, then you will need a VPN to access Hulu. Our recommendation for a VPN is ExpressVPN.

Is Mike Hulu finished?

The story of the outstanding Mike Tyson and his tremendous and controversial career came to a conclusion with the release of the final two episodes of Mike on Thursday, September 15, 2022.

Who narrates Mike on Hulu?

Tyson, played by “Moonlight” actor Trevante Rhodes, continually breaches the fourth wall to tell his own story on-screen in a one-man performance and in flashbacks to his personal history.

Is there a season 2 of Mike on Hulu?

No. There is no season 2 of Mike on Hulu.

What is the genre of Mike on Hulu?

The genre of Mike on Hulu is Biographical and Sports drama.

Is Tyson suing Hulu?

No, Tyson is not suing Hulu. Mike cannot file a lawsuit against Hulu for “stealing” his rights, according to legal advice.

Who is the creator of the show Mike on Hulu?

Steven Rogers is the creator of the show Mike on Hulu.

Where to watch Mike?

You can watch Mike on Hulu. Since Hulu is geo-locked outside the USA, you will require a VPN. We suggest ExpressVPN.

Who is in the cast of Mike on Hulu?

Trevante Rhodes, Russell Hornsby, and Olunike Adeliyi are the main cast of Mike on Hulu.

End Result

Mike on Hulu was a great insight into the life of Mike Tyson about how controversial a single move in the wrong direction can be. You can also watch this sports series on Hulu. If you want buffer-free streaming, choose ExpressVPN to enhance your streaming speed.

Happy binging!