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A horror anthology series that uncovers the dark side of human nature. What drives desperate people to act in certain ways and end up tangled in horrible situations. The bizarre creatures are just a tool to unlock their true nature.



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Mary Laws

How to Watch Monsterland on Hulu [Apr 2024]

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Runtime: 0 hr 50 min Premiered: October 1, 2020 Certificate: MA

Are you a fan of psychological suspense and spine-tingling horror? If you are! then Monsterland on Hulu is just the ideal show for you. The series is a psychological horror anthology based on Nathan Ballingrud’s novel “North American Lake Monsters: Stories.”

The series offers eerie and terrifying tales underlined with disturbing psychological elements with the more supernatural ones.  Although Monsterland has its fair share of nerve-wracking and chilling moments it focuses mainly on the dark and twisted side of human nature.

Each episode has its own unique and gloomy tale to tell. There are creatures and inhuman entities that interact with the real world and often bring about life-altering revelations. On the other side are the broken and desperate people whose actions can haunt them more than any horror creature.

The show depicts the life and decisions of hopeless people, from the rich to the downtrodden. Each episode also plays heavily into its setting.  The style is mostly gothic Modern as contemporary characters deal with bizarre things like witches, mermaids, and devils!

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How to Watch Monsterland on Hulu WIth a VPN

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What makes Monsterland stand tall in the Horror genre?

The reason is that Monsterland, despite being a horror series encompasses a bundle of emotions reflected in each episode. Every episode is given the title of the city in which it has been filmed. Moreover, the real evils, that we should be afraid of are not aliens, witches, werewolves, and other creatures. It is the inner darkness in the human being that man should be cautious of.

What’s available on Hulu besides Monsterland?

Hulu has an extensive library of movies and shows to keep you entertained and leave you wanting more. However, to save you from getting baffled by the choices you will have, we have picked up a few pieces of content that are certain to keep you entertained.

FAQs: Watch Monsterland on Hulu

Where can I watch Monsterland?

If you are planning to watch Mosterland then Hulu is the place, but you will need ExpressVPN to watch it in your country.

How many seasons are there of Monsterland?

There is only one season of Monsterland available for the audience to watch.

What is the runtime of Monsterland?

The runtime of each episode of Monsterland is an average of 50 minutes.

Is Monsterland based on true stories?

No, however, Monsterland is based on a novel called “North America Lake Monsters” by Nathan Ballingrud.

Are all the Monsterland episodes connected?

No, the episodes of Monsterland are not connected but do have a theme to follow.

Do you have to watch Monsterland in order?

No, all the episodes of Monsterland are stand-alone-based stories, so you don’t really have to watch them in chronological order.

Who created Monsterland?

Mary Laws is the creator of the Monsterland series.

When was Monsterland released?

The Monsterland series was released on October 2, 2020.

What is the genre of the Monsterland show?

The Monsterland falls into the genre of Thriller, Horror, and Fantasy.

Is Monsterland a good show?

Definitely, Monsterland is a great watch for all those who have a taste for psychological suspense with elements of horror.

Can kids watch Monsterland?

No, the Monsterland show includes violent and stressful content, which is not suitable for kids. Older children of 14+ age can give it a watch.

Wrapping Up

Watch the encounters of strange creatures with doomed humans, who are drowned in their despair, and are willing to take any action regardless of the consequences. Monsterland on Hulu asks the question, ‘What is, if any, the difference between humans and beasts?’

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Happy binging!