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The show follows a middle school teacher, Jess, who finds her boyfriend with another woman. She soon breaks up with him and moves into an apartment shared with three men.

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Created By

Elizabeth Meriwether


Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield

How to Watch New Girl on Hulu Outside USA [May 2024]

Runtime: 0 hr 22 min Premiered: September 19, 2011 Certificate: 14

Do you want to watch a sitcom? You should watch New Girl on Hulu. It is a situational comedy that will keep you company throughout its runtime.

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How to Watch New Girl on Hulu Internationally

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Once a bubbly, adorkable, and off-beat teacher, Jess, who catches her boyfriend with another woman, moves into a small apartment shared by three single males. Settling in, she meets Nick, a law school dropout. Schmidt, who is a flashy and odd businessman whose beliefs are bizarrely contradicting Jess. Then there’s Winston, a former athlete who only has one thing on his mind: how to win but doesn’t know how. As Jess makes her way, can this dysfunctional group of men handle her sparkling personality?

FAQs: Watch New Girl on Hulu

Can I watch New Girl on Hulu?

Yes, you can watch New Girl on Hulu. Just remember to use ExpressVPN to access Hulu in non-US regions.

Is New Girl on any streaming service?

Yes, New Girl is on Hulu’s streaming service.

Why is New Girl moving to Hulu?

Because New Girl is a Disney-produced series that was moved to Hulu after the expiration of its license with Hulu.

Can I watch New Girl on Hulu?

Yes, you can watch New Girl on Hulu. Use ExpressVPN to watch New Girl on Hulu internationally.

Will New Girl have a season 8?

Unfortunately, no, New Girl won’t be returning for season 8.

Why is New Girl so popular?

New Girl is popular because this show does not rely on laugh tracks to punctuate their humor and tells actually funny jokes with pop culture references. The writing is fast and doesn’t proceed slowly, unlike other sitcoms.

Was New Girl a hit show?

Yes, New Girl was a hit show, as it showed one of the biggest successes when it came to ratings.

Is New Girl suitable for kids?

New Girl is suitable for kids above the age of 14.

Where to watch New Girl online?

You can watch New Girl online on Hulu. If Hulu is geo-restricted in your location, get ExpressVPN.

How many seasons are of New Girl on Hulu?

There are seven seasons of New Girl on Hulu.

Why did Megan Fox replace Jess?

Megan Fox replaced Jess temporarily because Zooey Deschanel (Jess) was to go on maternity leave as she was pregnant.


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