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A nurse from WWII gets mysteriously transported back to 18th-century Scotland where she encounters a handsome soldier along with whom she faces the tumultuous events of that period in history.

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Created By

Ronald D. Moore


Danielle Berrow, Taylor Mallory, Tyler English-Beckwith


Caitríona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Richard Rankin

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Premiered: August 8, 2014 Certificate: MA

Is time travel along with the flawless blend of historical events and dynamic romance the key to your heart? Well, if that is the case then get ready to get served with a heart-pounding romance with a gripping story of Outlander Outside USA on Hulu.

A bewitching combo of romance and history, where Claire, a nurse, is transported from the events of World War II to Scotland in the 18th century. Here she toils to navigate her life until she meets Jamie Fraser, a fearless warrior.

Soon an electric bond forms and love is in the air amid the threatening danger that lurks around, with epic battles and a rebellious populace. Nevertheless, the love remains unharmed, pushing all the boundaries. And making your feet swept off with the enchanted bond and memorable storytelling.

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Outlander – Seasons and Episodes

This compelling TV show has 7 seasons with a different number of episodes. Check this out:

Seasons No. of Episodes
1 16
2 13
3 13
4 13
5 12
6 8
7 16

Interesting Facts about Outlander

  • Did you know that Caitriona Balfe, Claire, was expecting her first son whilst shooting for season 6? At the same time, the pandemic happened, resulting in the release of only 8 episodes of the show instead of the twelve as originally planned.
  • Sam Heughan, has naturally blonde hair, and as for the demand of the character, he had to dye his hair red to become a redhead.

Awards and Acknowledgments

The cherished series Outlander was very swift to make its impact on the audience. With tremendous cinematography and flawless execution, this is why it has won 4 Primetime Emmy Awards along with 34 wins and 86 nominations under its belt.

What’s more on Hulu besides Outlander?

Once you finish watching Outlander, we know you will crave more. Therefore, we have picked a few classic content to keep your binge-watching index flooding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How historically accurate is Outlander?

Outlander’s show is accurate to most of the extent.

How many seasons does Outlander have?

Outlander has currently 7 seasons.

Where can I watch Outlander?

If you intend to watch Outlander, then catch it on Hulu by using ExpressVPN.

Is season 8 of Outlander out?

There is no certain release date for Outlander season 8, However, it is supposed to be released in 2024.

Will season 8 be the last for Outlander?

Yes, season 8 of Outlander is supposed to be the last season.

How long are episodes of Outlander?

The episodes of Outlander are 1 hour long.

What is the IMDb rating of Outlander?

The IMDb rating of Outlander is 8.2/10.

How many episodes does Outlander have?

Outlander has a total of 92 episodes.

What genre is Outlander?

The genre of Outlander is Drama, Fantasy, and Romance.

Wrapping Up

Outlander on Hulu is undoubtedly the magical show that will make your heart race and your sentiments glide. And you will keep wanting more, gladly it has the perfect amount of episodes to binge-watch and make your streaming venture a blast.

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Happy binging!