Single Drunk Female on Hulu

After an embarrassing public breakout, Samantha is forced to move back home with her mother to avoid jail time and sober up. It’s not as she expected, because one is an alcoholic going in and out of rehab and the other is an overbearing mother.



Created By

Simone Finch


Sofia Black-D'Elia, Ally Sheedy, Rebecca Henderson

How to Watch Single Drunk Female on Hulu April 2024


Runtime: 0 hr 25 min Premiered: January 20, 2022

Samantha has been a drunk female for as long as she can remember. After displaying public intoxication, destroying personal property, and almost blinding her co-worker, she is now in rehab back at her home. Her new challenges is to live with her overbearing mother, avoid jail and stay sober.

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FAQs on Single Drunk Female

Will there be a season 2 of Single Drunk Female?

Yes, Single Drunk Female has been renewed for a second season.

Where can I watch Single Drunk Female?

You can watch Single Drunk Female on Hulu. If you want to stream Hulu outside USA, you will need to subscribe to ExpressVPN.

Is Single Drunk Female a true story?

Yes, the show is closely based on Simone Finch, the creator of the show.

Is Single Drunk Female worth watching?

Yes, the show illustrates the complete joy and struggles of sobering up. The show takes a comedic route with it.

Did Single Drunk Female get Canceled?

No, the show has not been canceled, it has, in fact, been pickup for a second season.

How many episodes will Single Drunk Female have?

The first season of the show had a total of 10 episodes.

Where can I watch Single Drunk Female?

“Single Drunk Female” is available to stream on Hulu. The second season will have all the episodes available to watch the next day on the streaming site.

Final Thoughts

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