Watch Stars on Mars on Hulu

Adventure-loving celebs get ready for their flight to Mars simulation, where they will live, eat, sleep, plan, and develop bonds with one another in the same space station.



Created By

Chris Culvenor


William Shatner, Lance Armstrong, Natasha Leggero

How to Watch Stars on Mars on Hulu Worldwide [Apr 2024]

Premiered: June 4, 2023 Certificate: PG

Do you want to watch a Reality Competition show? Then, you should watch Stars on Mars on Hulu. As a reality show with celebrities on board, it is truly entertaining to see them develop relationships in an enclosed space.

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How to Watch Stars on Mars on Hulu [April 2024]

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Stars on Mars follows a simulation of what it could be like to be an astronaut on Mars, with celebrity candidates striving to be the last one standing, which will be called the “celebronaut.” They eat, sleep, talk, and live like normal in a deserted place that looks like Mars on Earth for 28 days.

FAQs: Watch Stars on Mars on Hulu

Is Stars on Mars on Hulu?

Yes, Stars on Mars is on Hulu. You can watch Stars on Mars on Hulu easily from anywhere in the world if you get ExpressVPN.

What streaming service has Stars on Mars?

Hulu has Stars on Mars. Get an ExpressVPN subscription and watch Hulu globally with high-speed streaming.

Do the Stars on Mars get paid?

Yes, the Stars on Mars get paid to be on the show, but there is no cash prize at the end.

What is the new show Stars on Mars?

The new show Stars on Mars is about celebrities who spend some time on a simulation of Mars.

Is there a prize for Stars on Mars?

No, there is no prize for Stars on Mars, but the celebrities get paid to appear on screen.

How long does Stars on Mars last?

Stars on Mars last for 28 days.

Is Stars on Mars suitable for children?

It is okay for kids above 15 to watch Stars on Mars because there is bleeped cursing, casual innuendos, and situations regarding adulthood.

Is Stars on Mars real or fake?

Stars on Mars is not real and was filmed in a hyper-realistic environment that looks like Mars.

Who created Stars on Mars?

Chris Culvenor is the creator of the show Stars on Mars.

Final Step

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