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Money is the root cause of many problems, and the more money involved, the greater the drama. Succession is a gripping show about the wealthy and dysfunctional Roy family. Watch the grown-up children of privilege try to wrest control of their father's legacy from each other, with increasingly shocking maneuvers.

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Created By

Jesse Armstrong


Jamie Carragher


Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook

How to Stream Succession on Hulu [Apr 2024]

Runtime: 1 hr 5 min Premiered: June 2, 2018 Certificate: MA

Sit back and watch the adult children of the wealthy bicker over legacies, set in the modern day. Succession on Hulu is a sharply written dramedy about the lives of the 1% and their internecine power struggles.

Logan Roy, an extremely wealthy CEO and owner of Waystar RoyCo, is facing declining health. His children, who are larger-than-life characters, and have extravagant ambitions, are all trying to cope with the uncertain future. And here begins the fight for power and control in the corporate world. The never-ending turns and sharp wit will keep you on edge.

From backstabbing to manipulation, compromises on moral values to betrayal. It’s a well-written show displaying how far the family members will go in the pursuit of power with fleshed-out and complex characters playing dark politics.

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Succession- Seasons

Excited to watch Succession? Once you tune into it, you will want more. And we are glad to inform you that it has 4 amazing seasons making it a perfect show to binge-watch. Here’s the complete information:

Seasons No. of Episodes
1 10
2 10
3 9
4 10

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FAQs: Watch Succession on Hulu

Where can I watch Succession?

If you intend to watch Succession, then Hulu is the place! Use ExpressVPN for a smoother experience and bypass any restrictions that you may face.

What is the runtime of the show Succession?

The runtime of each episode of Succession is 1 hour.

How many seasons are of Succession?

There are a total of 4 seasons available of Succession for the audience to watch.

Is Succession based on the Murdoch family?

Yes, it is interpreted that Succession is heavily based on media giant Rupert Murdoch.

Is Succession Season 4 the final season?

Yes, Season 4 of Succession is the last season.

Who are the writers of Succession?

Jesse Armstrong, Jonathan Glatzer, and Lucy Prebble are the writers of Succession.

What is the genre of Succession?

The show Succession falls into the genre of comedy, Drama, and Family.

Who is Shiv Roy based on?

Shiv Roy in Succession TV Drama is based on Rupert’s daughter Elisabeth.

How rich is the Roy family depicted in Succession?

The Roy family is shown to have a worth of $18 billion.

Wrapping Up

Watch the award-winning corporate family drama Succession on Hulu and get a ringside seat to the dirty politics of those with too much privilege and power.

If you face any difficulty in accessing Hulu in your country then simply opt for ExpressVPN. It will make your watching experience a breeze!

Happy binging!