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The 1619 Project is an extensive pool of facts and valuable information about the story of Black people in America. It covers not only the complicated and dark history but also interlinks it with the modern systematic oppression happening in disguise.




Nikole Hannah-Jones


Nikole Hannah-Jones

Watch The 1619 Project on Hulu [May 2024]

Runtime: 1 hr 0 min Premiered: January 25, 2023 Certificate: MA

Are you ready to unlock the hidden chapters in the history of African Americans? If yes then pay attention. The 1619 Project on Hulu is a show that uncovers hidden truths of Black history and how they still impact Americans today!

The 1619 Project is a thought-provoking and eye-opening series that will take you on a journey into the evolution of slavery in America. This show depicts the great contribution of Black Americans all along the process of America’s development, starting from the arrival of the first slave ships to America in the year 1619.

The series starts from the time when the first ship of enslaved Africans anchored at the English colony of Virginia. Displayed through a unique blend of essays, multimedia content, and various articles, which speak volumes about the forgotten and misinterpreted experiences of Black Americans.

Shedding light on the sensitive topics and traditional narratives, and offers a better understanding of the seeds of racism lying in guise and how it affects their identity in America. This is a retelling of history as is not propagated by most conventional channels, including the schooling system.

If the untold history of humanity’s greatest injustices interests you then The 1619 Project on Hulu is your cup of tea. However, streaming Hulu outside the USA can be a technical job for some people, but as long as you have a premium VPN, swapping your location and landing in Hulu’s library, without facing any errors, is a cakewalk.

How to Watch The 1619 Project on Hulu Worldwide

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Did You Know?

The creator of the epic show, Nikole Hannah-Jones has won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 2020, in reward for her remarkable work in The 1619 Project. Her informative and inspiring articles and essays have made a significant mark in redefining American History.

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FAQs: Watch on The 1619 Project Hulu

Where can I watch The 1619 Project?

You can witness the epic docu-series, The 1619 Project on Hulu, however, you will need ExpressVPN to access it outside the US.

How many episodes of 1619 are there?

There are a total of 6 episodes of 1619 available for the people to watch.

Who brought the first African slaves to North America?

Britishers were the root cause and the major reason for the import of African slaves to North America.

What is the genre of The 1619 Project?

The genres in which The 1619 Project falls are Documentary and History.

When was The 1619 Project released?

The 1619 Project was released on January 26, 2023.

What is the runtime of The 1619 Project?

The runtime of the episodes of The 1619 Project is 1 hour.

How many seasons does The 1619 Project have?

The 1619 Project has only one season.

How many awards has The 1619 Project been nominated for?

The 1619 Project has the privilege to be nominated for 9 awards.

What is the IMDb rating of The 1619 Project?

The IMDb rating of The 1619 Project is 7.9/10.

Wrapping Up

The twisted and dark history is often untold, and there is a high chance that you may be missing out on some crucial points, which need to be rectified. Therefore, know, what the other side of the story is in The 1619 Project on Hulu.

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Happy binging!