Watch The Affair Outside US on Hulu

Two people embark on a fateful affair that has cascading consequences for their lives and those they love.

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Created By

Sarah Treem, Hagai Levi


Dominic West, Maura Tierney, Julia Goldani Telles

How to Watch The Affair Outside US on Hulu in 2024

Runtime: 0 hr 50 min Premiered: October 11, 2014 Certificate: MA

If forbidden love and complex characters are your recipe for a compelling and ideal show, then The Affair Outside US on Hulu is your next show to binge-watch.

Handsome Noah, a struggling author with a wandering gaze, met Alison, a damsel in distress kind of waitress. The spark of love ignited between the two, unveiling dark secrets. But wait! There is more to it. The lives intertwine as Noah’s wife Helen and Alison’s downhearted husband Cole also further make the baffling situation.

Although it all started with a simple affair, later it gives off a ripple effect, impacting everyone and peeling the in-depth layers of their complex characters. Together, they knit a web that will keep you guessing till the end. Don’t be fooled by its name, and witness the dance of fate swaying love, redemption, forgiveness, and guilt.

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[Quick Steps to Stream] The Affair Outside US on Hulu

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The Affair – Seasons

This show has 5 seasons. Check out this table for easy understanding:

Seasons No. of Episodes
1 10
2 12
3 10
4 10
5 11

Did you know?

John Damon and Dominic West have also worked together before the series in The Wire as opponent characters.

Awards and Accolades

The Affair is a series that is cherished by a huge amount of audience. And it has rightfully bagged 1 Primetime Emmy, 24 nominations, and 6 wins in total.

What’s more on Hulu besides The Affair?

Attachments, flying sparks, and tension simmering along with the arousing love. Are the lovey duvet yet complex stories your cup of sweet tea? Then worry not. We have picked a few pieces of content that you will love watching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Affair a good show?

The Affair is a show worth watching as it depicts situations that seem natural with true-to-life characters.

How many seasons does The Affair have?

The Affair has 5 seasons you can binge on Hulu.

How long are episodes of The Affair?

Each episode of The Affair is 1 hour long.

Where can I watch The Affair?

You can watch The Affair on Hulu, however, to stream it globally, you will need ExpressVPN.

What genre is The Affair?

The Affair falls into the genre of Drama and Romance.

What is the IMDb rating of The Affair?

The IMDb rating of The Affair is 6.6/10.

Wrapping Up

The prohibited love and its messy consequences will have you intrigued throughout the series. So, grab some popcorn and loads of snacks because The Affair on Hulu is a show that will keep you glued to your seats and leave you jaw-dropped with its twists.

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Happy binging!