The Dropout on Hulu

Elizabeth Holmes is ambitious; she is also hungry for riches, power, and fame. To achieve her status in life, she will go through everything. When she develops a healthcare machine, she can finally see her dreams changing colors. What is forthcoming is a pure disaster.



Created By

Elizabeth Meriwether


Amanda Seyfried, Naveen Andrews

How To Watch The Dropout on Hulu Outside USA April 2024

Runtime: 1 hr 0 min Premiered: March 3, 2022 Certificate: MA

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Elizabeth Holmes is a dedicated girl working to make something out of her life. Her one final dream is to have all the fame and riches she can think of. When she finally brings her healthcare technology to life, she can finally see all her dreams of fame and money coming true. While things were supposed to get better, they ended up going south. With her new machine has put millions of lives at fatal risk, she has no choice but to cave in.

FAQs on The Dropout

Is The Dropout about a true story?

Yes, The Dropout is about a true story, but it is dramatized to a certain extent.

Will there be a Season 2 of The Dropout?

As, of now, the second season of The Dropout is not confirmed.

How many Episodes will The Dropout have?

The Dropout is a mini-series and has 8 episodes.

Can I Watch The Dropout on Hulu?

Yes, you can watch The Dropout on Hulu, but if you are located outside the USA, you will need a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Who created The Dropout?

Elizabeth Meriwether created The Dropout.

Final Thoughts

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