The Girl From Plainville on Hulu

Based on the true events from the life of Michelle Carter. The film portrays the events that lead to Conard Roy committing suicide. It opened up an investigation and the conviction of Michelle Carter for manslaughtering.



Created By

Patrick Macmanus, Liz Hannah


Elle Fanning, Chloë Sevigny, Colton Ryan

How to Watch The Girl From Plainville on Hulu From Anywhere Apr 2024


Runtime: 0 hr 45 min Premiered: March 29, 2022 Certificate: MA

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The true events from the case of Conrad Roy drive the film. The movie follows the long-distance relationship between Conrad and Michelle. When Conrad goes missing and is found dead, the police presume that Michelle has something to do with it. An investigation opens what looks like ‘suicide by texting.’ Is Michelle innocent, or is she guilty?

FAQs on The Girl From Plainville

Who created the show “The Girl From Plainville”?

Liz Hannah and Patrick Macmanus created the Hulu original show.

How accurate is The Girl From Plainville?

The movie is factually very close to the events that took place in real life.

How many episodes will there be of The Girl From Plainville?

The miniseries consists of a total of 8 episodes.

Will there be a Season 2 of The Girl From Plainville?

The Show was advertised as Hulu original miniseries and is highly unlikely to get a second season.

What is the True Story Behind The Girl From Plainville?

The story behind The Girl from Plainville was how Michelle convinced her long-distance boyfriend Conrad, who struggled with mental health issues, to commit suicide.

Where can I Watch “The Girl From Plainville”?

The Girl From Plainville is a Hulu Original series and is only available exclusively on Hulu.

Final Statement

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