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A reality show where a ‘golden’ bachelor is given another chance to share the sunset of their life with a new partner chosen from among 22 contestants..




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Jesse Palmer, Gerry Turner

How to Stream The Golden Bachelor Outside USA on Hulu May 2024

Runtime: 1 hr 0 min Premiered: September 27, 2023 Certificate: PG

Do you want to watch more of the reality TV show where a bachelor goes on a date? You should watch The Golden Bachelor on Hulu. This TV series is a spin-off of The Bachelor, where one single guy gets a golden chance to reclaim his turn to love and spend his life with them.

This TV show doesn’t feature young, handsome men, but a senior citizen, who is given his hopeless romanticism another chance at love.

The main attraction of the show is a 72-year-old Gerry Turner, who is a restaurateur living in retirement. He is a widower and wishes for another chance at finding the perfect match among 22 female contestants, one of whom he wishes to spend the sunset of his life with.

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Watch The Golden Bachelor Outside USA on Hulu with a VPN

Since Hulu is a US-exclusive site, you will need a VPN to access it whenever you’re traveling out of the States. And to access The Golden Bachelor on Hulu Live TV, you will have to use a VPN to get the ABC channel in your home location. Here’s a quick guide:

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Who are the Contestants of The Golden Bachelor?

The Golden Bachelor has a total of 22 contestants, from which only 2 are left. This list was announced on August 30, 2023.

Name Age Profession Outcome Place
Leslie Fhima 64 Fitness Instructor Participating
Theresa Nist 70 Financial Services Professional Participating
Faith Martin 61 High School Teacher Week 6 3
Ellen Goltzer 71 Retired Teacher Week 5 4–6
Sandra Mason 75 Retired Executive Assistant Week 5 4–6
Susan Noles 66 Wedding Officiant Week 5 4–6
April Kirkwood 65 Therapist Week 4 7–8
Kathy Swarts 70 Retired Educational Consultant Week 4 7–8
Nancy Hulkower 60 Retired Interior Designer Week 4 9
Christina Kempton 73 Retired Purchasing Manager Week 3 10–11
Edith Aguirre 60 Retired Realtor Week 3 10–11
Joan Vassos 60 Private School Administrator Week 3 12 (quit)
Jeanie Howard 65 Retired Project Manager Week 2 13–15
Natascha Hardee 60 Pro-Aging Coach & Midlife Speaker Week 2 13–15
Peggy Dercole 69 Dental Hygienist Week 2 13–15
Marina Perera 60 Educator Week 2 16 (quit)
Anna Zalk 61 Retired Nutritionist Week 1 17–22
Maria Trice 60 Health & Wellness Director Week 1 17–22
Pamela Burns 75 Retired Salon Owner Week 1 17–22
Patty James 70 Retired Real Estate Professional Week 1 17–22
Renee Halverson-Wright 67 Author Week 1 17–22
Sylvia Robledo 64 Public Affairs Consultant Week 1 17–22

When is the Last Episode of The Golden Bachelor?

The last episode is going to be on November 30, 2023. This is the schedule of the episodes:

Episode No. Episode Name Release Date
1 Week 1 September 28, 2023
2 Week 2 October 5, 2023
3 Week 3 October 12, 2023
4 Week 4 October 19, 2023
5 Week 5 October 26, 2023
6 Week 6 November 2, 2023
7 The Women Tell All November 9, 2023
8 Week 7 November 16, 2023
9 Week 8: Finale and After the Final Rose November 30, 2023

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Common Questions About The Golden Bachelor

Where to watch The Golden Bachelor?

You can watch The Golden Bachelor on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. But if you’re not able to catch it live, then you can stream the next one on Hulu Live TV and FuboTV.

Who’s the host of The Golden Bachelor?

The host of The Golden Bachelor is the former NFL star and the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Jesse Palmer.

What are The Golden Bachelor’s rules?

The rules of the reality TV show are simple. The contestant should be 60-75 years old and must be living in the US or Canada.

How long are the episodes of The Golden Bachelor?

The episodes are 60 minutes long and there are 9 of them in total.

How to watch The Golden Bachelor for free?

To watch The Golden Bachelor for free, you will need a free trial, either Hulu or ABC.

Where was The Golden Bachelor filmed?

Most of The Golden Bachelor was filmed in Los Angeles and the last episode was filmed in Costa Rica. Tune in for the last episode, which will be on 30th November, 2023.

How old is The Golden Bachelor?

The Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner is a 72-year-old man.

What happened to the Golden Bachelor’s wife?

Gerry Turner’s wife died on July 15th, 2017 from a bacterial infection.


The Golden Bachelor on Hulu is an unscripted reality TV show that features a man who wishes to spend his life with a precious significant other. If you’re going to watch it, you should tune in to the ABC channel, if not, Hulu is the place for you.

Ah, if you are away from home, anywhere outside the States or your home, then you’ll have to trick Hulu’s location detectors and access Hulu live TV without any issue because this service is region-restricted. Use ExpressVPN to grant you safe access to ABC and stream The Golden Bachelors globally.

Happy binging!