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The series that brought forth the antihero and kickstarted the era of prestige TV. Tony Soprano, a larger-than-life mob chief, struggles to maintain a healthy balance between his chaotic family dynamics and operating a crime conglomerate.

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Created By

David Chase


James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, Jamie-Lynn Sigler

How to Watch The Sopranos on Hulu [April 2024]

Premiered: January 9, 1999 Certificate: MA

Want to be whisked away into the irresistible dimension of Crime and Drama spiced with gritty humor? If yes, then The Sopranos on Hulu is an ideal watch to explore the fine line between the good and the bad.

The series is led by the bad boy with a golden heart Tony Soprano. As the head of his crime family, not a single day passes when Tony doesn’t have to confront enemy gangs and the challenges brought along with it. What aggravates the situation are his ever-demanding wife Carmela and children Meadow and A. J., with whom he has an abusive relationship at times.

Amid all this chaos and constant threats, Tony’s compelling character, garnished with perfect dark humor is what makes it worth watching. The remarkably nuanced depiction of mob fights and their power trips are both funny and menacing. The Sopranos is superbly written and will leave your jaw dropped with unexpected twists.

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How to Watch The Sopranos on Hulu Internationally

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The Sopranos – Seasons

Here are the details of The Sopranos, so that you can have a complete idea regarding your binge-worthy show!

Seasons No. of Episodes
1 13
2 13
3 13
4 13
5 13
6 21

Interesting Fact about The Sopranos

Did you know that The Sopranos, the widely known and cherished TV series that changed the narrative of the anti-heroes on the screens was supposed to be a movie originally? David Chase had always imagined it as a film.

Later, upon his manager’s request, he extended the screenplay into a series, and the first two seasons were based on the narrative of the film.

What’s available on Hulu besides The Sopranos?

Loved watching The Sopranos and now wanting for more. Then worry not, Hulu has a ton of outstanding content to keep you entertained and never run out of stuff to make your watch party a hit!

FAQs: Watch The Sopranos on Hulu

Where can I watch The Sopranos?

You can watch The Sopranos on Hulu, however, a subscription to ExpressVPN is a must to operate it in your region.

Who created The Sopranos?

David Chase created the epic show The Sopranos.

Why was The Sopranos such a big deal?

Because The Sopranos was the first show of its kind to prove that, like no one is completely evil, similarly, no human is entirely righteous. Paving the new direction of crime thrillers in the near future.

Is there a season 7 of The Sopranos?

No, Season 6 was the last season of The Sopranos, and there is no new season to be expected of it.

How many murders did Tony Soprano commit?

Tony, the leader of the crime empire was seen involved in killing a total of 8 persons on-screen.

Was James Gandolfini the first choice for Tony?

James Gandolfini wasn’t the first choice for Tony, In fact, the director saw him in True Romance and decided to cast him in the legendary show.

What is the genre of The Sopranos?

The genre of The Sopranos is Crime and Drama.

When was The Sopranos released?

The show The Sopranos was released on January 10, 1999.

Is Sopranos worth watching?

Yes, The Sopranos has very dynamic and complex characters that have the incredible ability to keep the audience hooked to the screens and make the show worth watching.

Wrapping Up

The combination of Tony being a mob-crime leader and a family man will leave you in an awkward situation, whether to sympathize with him or hate him. The masterpiece The Sopranos on Hulu undoubtedly stands tall among the all-time greatest TV series and a pioneer of prestige TV.

To witness the glory of the Masterpiece The Sopranos on Hulu, use ExpressVPN, and binge-watch the whole show in a few days.

Happy binging!