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Among the last living colony in the future, 24 teenagers are chosen to compete in the contest of The Exemplar. Along with their competition, they end up learning about new and different things that make them question whatever they’ve been taught so far.



Created By

R.T. Thorne


R.T. Thorne


Robyn Alomar, Robbie Graham-Kuntz, Phillip Lewitski

How to Watch Utopia Falls on Hulu Outside US [Easily in May 2024]


Runtime: 0 hr 45 min Premiered: February 13, 2020

A group of teenagers in a colony in the distant future discover an old, prohibited repository of historical, cultural, and musical artifacts in this genre-bending concept in a coming-of-age story. They are compelled by their revelation to challenge everything they’ve learned and to reveal the truth by igniting change in their world through music.

Are you interested in watching a sci-fi TV series that takes you to a Utopian time? Watch Utopia Falls on Hulu. This transformative series is a great watch for the younger generation, who prefer watching fantastical shows.

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FAQs: Watch Utopia Falls on Hulu

How can I watch Utopia Falls?

You can watch Utopia Falls on Hulu. It’s a streaming platform specializing in movies, TV shows, sports, and documentaries. However, it is geo-restricted in most countries, so users use ExpressVPN for that.

Does Hulu have Utopia Falls?

Oh yes, Hulu has Utopia Falls streaming on its platform. Watch it internationally with the help of the fastest VPN, ExpressVPN.

How many seasons are on Utopia Falls?

There’s only 1 season of Utopia Falls on Hulu.

Is it worth watching Utopia Falls?

For sure! Utopia Falls is a worth-watching show that embraces diversity and humanity, as it brings teenagers to learn the importance of positivity and accepting their true selves.

What is the storyline of Utopia Falls?

Utopia Falls is about a group of teenagers appointed to compete in the prestigious Exemplar performing arts competition amid the burned-out ruins of Earth. When they discover a secret storehouse of artifacts, they doubt everything they have been told.

Is Utopia Falls a good show?

Yes. Utopia Falls is a good show.

How many seasons is Utopia Falls?

There is only 1 season of Utopia Falls.

Is Utopia Falls a book?

No, the TV show Utopia Falls is not based on a book. It’s a solo series that premiered on Hulu.

Is Utopia Falls LGBTQ?

Not fully, but there are two characters of the same gender who start dating romantically. While competing in the tournament, Brooklyn, played by Humberly González, and Sage, played by Devyn Nekoda, get romantically entangled.

Why did Utopia Falls get Canceled?

Regrettably enough, Utopia Falls was canceled and was not picked up for a season 2 due to some half-hearted reviews.

Who is in the cast of Utopia Falls?

The main stars of Utopia Falls are Robyn Alomar, Akiel Julien, and Robbie G.K.

The Clincher

Utopia Falls is a great show, and although it was not picked up for a second season, it is worthwhile to indulge in it. Watch Utopia Falls on Hulu today, and use Hulu with ExpressVPN if you’re accessing it outside the US. Because ExpressVPN is your key to accessing Hulu without any worry.

Happy binging!