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An unexpected event affects Keef's life just as he is about to achieve mainstream recognition as an African-American cartoonist.

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Created By

Marshall Todd, Keith Knight


Lamorne Morris, T. Murph, Blake Anderson

How to Watch Woke on Hulu From Anywhere [May 2024]

Runtime: 0 hr 34 min Premiered: September 8, 2020 Certificate: MA

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When an unexpected occurrence transforms Keef’s life, the African-American cartoonist is on the verge of becoming a household name. With a new perspective on the world, Keef must negotiate the fresh perspectives and ideas that confront and challenge him.

FAQs: Watch Woke on Hulu

Will there be a season 3 of Woke on Hulu?

No. There will be no season 3 of Woke on Hulu.

Is there a series on Hulu called Woke?

Yes. There is a series on Hulu called Woke. It’s about a guy who gets stopped on his way to mainstream fame because of unexpected occurrences.

Who is the show Woke based on?

The fictional character of Keith Knight, a cartoonist, is partially based on a real person who underwent a traumatic experience involving racial profiling and police violence before becoming “woke.”

Was Woke renewed for season 3?

No. Woke was not renewed for season 3.

What happened to the TV show Woke?

The TV Show Woke was never renewed for season 3. Therefore, you can only watch 2 seasons of this comedy series.

Is Woke a comedy?

Yes. Woke is a comedy TV series. You can watch it on Hulu internationally with ExpressVPN.

How many episodes of Woke are there?

Woke has 8 episodes in each season, which are 2.

Who created Woke?

The show “Woke” was created by Keith Knight and Marshall Todd.


The show Woke on Hulu was a witty and thought-provoking take on today’s society. If you want to watch the show without any buffering or playback issues, use ExpressVPN to stream without lag.

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