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Cypher is a pseudo-documentary about a young hip-hop singer's rise to fame and exposure to the dark side of commercial music. As her horizons widen, it brings forth the uglier aspects of the industry with its secret societies and underlying stalking and manipulation.


Chris Moukarbel


Tierra Whack, Johnny Montina, Kenete Simms

How to Watch Cypher 2023 on Hulu Outside USA [May 2024]


Runtime: 1 hr 21 min Premiered: November 23, 2023 Certificate: R

Interested in thought-provoking flicks involving conspiracy theories that leave you questioning your reality? If yes then Cypher on Hulu is an interesting pseudo-documentary for you. It uses a real-life subject to examine a fictional premise – who controls the pop music industry?

Cypher smartly covers the journey of hip-hop singer Tierra Whack, who is at the pinnacle of her career, her talent has been acknowledged by fans, and the big names in the industry are hovering over her for a collab. Basically, the sky is the limit.

Traveling across the globe for concerts, she encounters a lady at a diner, who oozes an unusual aura, ultimately warning about conspiracy theories. And since then, things take a drastic turn and you’ll see, there’s a dark labyrinth to all the glitter that seems gold. And thus a relentless game of stalking begins.

Discover the secrets and deceptive truths and all the lies behind the façade of popular culture. Stream the craziness that Cypher has to offer, but there’s an issue regarding geo-restrictions if you use Hulu outside USA, you’ll be bombarded with errors, therefore, to dodge them smartly, by using ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Cypher 2023 on Hulu With a VPN

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What Awards and Accolades Were Won by Cypher?

Cypher won the best feature film award at the Denver International Film Festival and was nominated for the same at the Tribeca and Nashville Film Festivals.

Fun Facts About Cypher

Tierra Whack has a bold and outspoken persona, but do you know that back in her youth, she used to be extremely introverted? She took the help of poetry to voice her thoughts and insecurities long before she stepped on a musical journey.

Tierra Whack is a true example of channeling your inner talent, as her introverted self made her what she is today.

Iconic Lines by Tierra Whack

These lines should be everyone’s motto:

“You know, I’m willing to dim my light so that somebody else can shine because, like, we all have to find our inner lights, and shine in one world.”

“If you play your cards right, it’ll be alright”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Cypher?

The movie Cypher is 1 hour 21 minutes long.

When was Cypher released?

Cypher was released on November 26, 2023.

Where can I watch Cypher?

If you plan to catch the thriller but wondering where then Hulu is the right place, opt for ExpressVPN and enjoy it globally.

Who is playing the role of Tierra Whack in the documentary?

The role of Tierra is played by herself in the documentary.

What is the IMDb rating of Cypher?

The IMDb rating of Cypher is 6.4 outta 10.

What is Cypher all about?

The Cypher movie may seem like a typical documentary on the life of a hip-hop singer, but it unfolds many layers, making it the best thrilling documentary ever.

What genre is Cypher?

The genre of Cypher is Music, Documentary, and Thriller.

What is Cypher rated?

Cypher is rated R and discretion is advised.

Wrapping Up

Cypher may exude typical artist documentary vibes, but soon it will transform into a nail-biting thriller that will leave you startled by the end. So, grab your popcorn and dance along to the groovy music by watching Cypher on Hulu.

Also, employ ExpressVPN to ensure your smooth and blazing-fast streaming.

Happy binging!