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Aspiring young star Jocelyn struggles to become a pop sensation and takes help from a cult leader. In showbiz, all that glitters may not be gold; here it is poisonous to the soul.



Created By

Sam Levinson, The Weeknd, Reza Fahim


Clara Mamet, Marlis Yurcisin, Nick Bilton


The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, Suzanna Son

How to Stream The Idol on Hulu [Apr 2024]

Premiered: June 3, 2023 Certificate: MA

Are you a fan of The Weeknd, and also love to peek into the glamorous yet controversial life of celebs? Then look no further, the Star Boy stars alongside the Pirate’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, in The Idol on Hulu, a twisted series on the trappings of fame.

Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) is striving hard to get the enthusiasm back in her career, which she lost after her mother’s passing. To pull her out of the hole, Tedros (Abel Tesfaye/The Weeknd), whom she met at a nightclub, becomes her mentor and hops on a mission to put spirit into her lifeless pop journey.

But Tedros is a leader of a cult group, pushing Jocelyn deep into the troubled and dark life. Seemingly, Tedros is a good-bad guy helping Jocelyn to gain her charismatic popularity back, but deep down, things are not as dreamy as they appear to be.

This manipulation goes on long enough to make the audience believe what they are seeing, but by the end, Jocelyn reveals something entirely different. How things wrap up like that will leave you questioning your sanity, but what happens in the end will surprise you even more! Well, maybe this is how things take place in the life of STARS!

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Interesting Facts about The Idol

Did you know that the director Amy Seimetz left the show in the middle of the shooting, and then Sam Livenson took over the show and began filming?

Moreover, the reshoot caused an extravagant filming cost, and to save money, the series was filmed in The Weeknd’s own $70 million mansion in Bel Air. He recalled that his bedrooms looked like greenrooms, his bathrooms were now used for hair and makeup, and the basement was used as a music studio. Crazy isn’t it?

What other content is available on Hulu besides The Idol?

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FAQs: Watch The Idol on Hulu

Where can I watch The Idol?

If you want to catch the drama, then log into Hulu, with ExpressVPN because Hulu may not work for you if you’re not in the USA.

Who created The Idol?

Reza Fahim, Sam Levinson, and The Weeknd are the creators of The Idol.

What is the cast of The Idol?

The cast of The Idol includes The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, and Suzanna Son.

What is the genre of The Idol?

The genres of The Idol are Drama and Music.

Is The Idol based on a true story?

No, The Idol is said to be inspired partially by The Weeknd’s life but the dramatic and cult part is fiction.

What’s the point of The Idol?

The central idea of the show The Idol was to show how dark the industry is, and how easily the cultish side of it can swallow the person who is desperate to outshine others.

Does Lily-Rose Depp sing in The Idol?

Yes, Lily-Depp Rose confessed in an interview about getting the chance to sing in the show, and how nervous she was with it.

Does the Weeknd sing in The Idol?

Yes, The Weeknd did sing in the show, and the names of the songs are “A Lesser Man” and “Take Me Back.”

Why is the series The Idol considered controversial?

The Idol follows and explores a dark theme and the potholes that the glamorous industry has, including explicit content. Which is why the series has gotten into a controversy.

Wrapping Up

Looking forward to watching how your music idol The Weeknd spread his charisma to the small screen? Then watch The Idol on Hulu and have a blast! The twisted story is all that you’d need along with great music.

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Happy binging!