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Billie is having strange blackouts and getting a ton of deja vu. And it all began right after she started dating her girlfriend Alex.


Kelley Kali


Allyson Morgan


Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Shannon Woodward, Rosaline Elbay

How to Stream Jagged Mind on Hulu [Feb 2024]

Runtime: 1 hr 28 min Premiered: June 13, 2023 Certificate: R

Get tangled in a web of psychological thrills with Jagged Mind on Hulu. Billie experiences random blackouts and hallucinations, beginning right after she starts dating her sweet girlfriend Alex. Trying to get rid of the thought that it could be related to her girlfriend, Billie endures everything and pretends that she is fine.

That is until she realizes that her jagged mind is not really lagging, but the time is. Horrified, she comes to the conclusion that she’s stuck in a time loop, reliving the same first day with her girlfriend every day.

This psychological thriller is yet another 2023 release of Hulu, and you can stream it right away. If you don’t have a Hulu account, you’ll be surprised to see much more intriguing content than this and a lot more series that Hulu offers to its subscribers.

Of course, if you’re not in the USA, you can always use a VPN. This way, you can keep your online life safe while also streaming everything on Hulu.

How to Watch Jagged Mind on Hulu with a VPN

These instructions are for those who are clueless about using a VPN for Hulu. If you are not in the USA and need to use a VPN, then follow along!

  1. Purchase a VPN membership. It’d be most pleasing if it was ExpressVPN.
  2. Download its app and connect to an American server [preferably a New York server].
  3. Go to the Hulu website, search for the show, and stream Jagged Mind on Hulu.

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Themes That We Found in Jagged Mind

Jagged Mind is an erotic thriller movie, which features a lesbian couple. If that’s interesting for you, then there’s a lot more you would be intrigued by.

Domestic Abuse: This theme is pretty evident in Jagged Mind because as much as the media portrays such a theme in a traditional couple, this movie depicts that even a queer couple can also be involved in domestic abuse. It’s not hitting and kicking per se, but it’s more on the side of verbal and emotional abuse.

Gaslighting: If you haven’t noticed, gaslighting is done a lot when Billie realizes that about her condition; the extreme deja vu, the blackouts, and the nausea.

Manipulation: This is more like a motif in the movie because it is lowkey depicted. Wherever there is gaslighting, there is manipulation. Throughout the runtime of the movie, Billie keeps getting manipulated, just because there is an obsession from the other person that they couldn’t keep in.

Did you Know?

  • Jagged Mind is a spin-off of a short film called “First Date,” which aired on the first season of Hulu featured series, ‘Bite Size Halloween.”
  • This movie first came out to the world on June 14, 2023, at the American Black Film Festival.


What is the Hulu feature film special Jagged Mind?

The new Hulu film, Jagged Mind is about a woman in a relationship, who starts to feel extreme feelings of deja vu and random blackouts, which messes up her mind, all the while her girlfriend is constantly gaslighting her.

Is Jagged Mind worth watching?

Yes, Jagged Mind is a movie worth watching, if you’re into this genre of movies.

What happened at the end of Jagged Mind?

We don’t give spoilers, so to find out what happened at the end, you should watch the movie on Hulu.

Where is the jagged mind filmed?

Jagged Mind was filmed in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami.

Is Jagged Mind a horror?

Yes, Jagged Mind is a different type of horror. On the spectrum of horror, it is an erotic horror/thriller.

Is Jagged Mind appropriate for kids?

No, Jagged Mind is a movie appropriate for ages 18 and above.

What is the runtime of Jagged Mind?

Jagged Mind runs for an hour and 28 minutes on the screen.


Give Jagged Mind on Hulu a go, if you’re craving something thrilling with a side of the time loop. And if you’re done with that movie, do let us know what you thought of it, because we always love a different opinion on a good topic such as this one.

Of course, this movie is available to watch on Hulu, but if Hulu doesn’t work for you because of geo-restrictions, then let ExpressVPN also gaslight the website into believing that you are from the USA. *wink wink*

Happy binging!