Watch My Christmas Fiancé on Hulu

High-achieving part-time chef Maya is requested an unexpected favour by her work-centric boss Penn: Have a fake engagement to ward off his fussing family so he can focus on the high-end restaurant. Maya agrees, but little does she know that her life is going to take a major turn from here on.


Stefano Milla


Katherine Tomlinson


Jack Parr, Denitza Diakovska, Daniel McVicar

How to Watch My Christmas Fiance on Hulu [May 2024]


Runtime: 1 hr 30 min Premiered: November 3, 2022

In the mood for a feel-good rom-com perfect for the holidays? Then you have got to watch My Christmas Fiance on Hulu, a movie to put a smile on your face.

From a compulsive student to a part-time chef at a high-end resort restaurant in Italy, Maya does wonders in whatever she tries. So her boss Chef Penn, recruits her to fake an engagement so that he can dodge his family’s plan to get him married. It’s all a big lie but fate has other plans and things go in an unpredictable direction.

To add to the confusion, Penn’s ex-girlfriend, Ashleigh, makes a re-entry and further aggravates the situation. It’s all up to Maya now to handle the mess they all created and save the restaurant from ruin while hiding her growing feelings for Penn.

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Common Questions

Where can I watch My Christmas Fiance?

You can watch My Christmas Fiance on Hulu. However, you may need an authentic VPN to stream the movie, based on your location, since USA has the exclusive access to Hulu.

Where does My Christmas Fiance take place?

The movie My Christmas Fiance takes place in an extravagant resort restaurant in Italy.

What is the cast of My Christmas Fiance?

The cast of My Christmas Fiance includes Jennifer Freeman, Jack Parr, and Jennifer Mischiati.

What is the genre of the movie My Christmas Fiance?

The genre of the movie My Christmas Fiance is Comedy and Romance.

Is My Christmas Fiance worth watching?

Yes, My Christmas Fiance is a refreshing and admirable movie that is sure to make your watch time memorable.

What is the IMDb rating of My Christmas Fiance?

The My Christmas Fiance is rated 3.5/10.

What is the runtime of My Christmas Fiance?

The runtime of My Christmas Fiance is 1hr 37m.

Is My Christmas Fiance a good pick for a Holiday movie?

Absolutely Yes, My Christmas Fiance is a perfect movie to stream on your Holiday.

Wrapping Up

My Christmas Fiance on Hulu is a heart-warming and light story that is certain to bring charm and festive vibes to your watch party. So, watch this wonderful love story with your beloved.

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Happy binging!