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Two couples meet at a sumptuous dinner, not for the food, but for the revelation of hard-to-swallow truths, garnished with suspense and served with moral predicaments.


Oren Moverman


Herman Koch, Oren Moverman


Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Steve Coogan

Savory Intrigue – Watch The Dinner on Hulu [May 2024]

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Runtime: 2 hr 0 min Premiered: May 4, 2017 Certificate: R

Feeling hungry for thrills and juicy riddles? Then watch The Dinner on Hulu to satisfy your cravings with a stellar cast and mind-boggling story.

The dinner from the title is one that two brothers Paul and Stan (who is a senator) along with their wives have been planning to arrange for a while. But it’s not your typical dinner, the grand ambiance is set to put all the truths on the table. The course will have a dash of their moral complexities and concessions made in the past.

But tensions simmer, as it has now come to the point of protecting their kids who are on the brink of facing harsh consequences. Join them on their feast of suspense, that will leave your taste buds tingling, and your senses racing with all that has happened and is about to happen!

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How to Watch The Dinner on Hulu

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Interesting Facts about The Dinner

Did you know that The Dinner is actually based on Herman Koch’s best-selling novel? And has been adapted for a film twice before The Dinner (2017). Once as a Dutch movie in 2013 and once as an Italian in 2014.

The star cast is another reason to watch The Dinner, but did you know that Richard Gere and Laura Linnay have appeared on screen together for the third time in The Dinner? Witness their charisma together being intact on-screen even after years!

What’s more available on Hulu besides The Dinner?

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FAQs: Watch The Dinner on Hulu

Where can I watch The Dinner?

If you are planning to watch the Dinner, then Hulu is the right spot, make sure to use ExpressVPN, to have a great hassle-free experience.

How long is The Dinner?

The Dinner is 2 hours long.

Is the movie The Dinner based on a true story?

The Dinner is based on a novel by Herman Koch and is a fictional story.

Why was the Dinner arranged in the movie?

The dinner was arranged in the movie, to discuss the horrific crime committed by their sons.

Is The Dinner a Family movie?

Not really. Even though the main theme of the movie revolves around family dynamics, as to what lengths the family could go to save their members, this isn’t a family or kids movie.

What genre is The Dinner?

The genre in which The Dinner fall are Crime, Drama, Thriller, and Family.

How many awards has The Dinner been nominated for?

The Dinner movie has been nominated for 3 awards, from which it has successfully won one.

What is the IMDb rating of The Dinner?

The IMDb rating of The Dinner is 4.5/10.

Wrapping Up

The aroma of the sneak peek must have ignited your hunger for the drama this movie has. So, no need to be famished when The Dinner is waiting for you. Simply employ ExpressVPN to have a seamless watching experience and start streaming!

Happy binging!