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A documentary on Gerald Blanchard, a Canadian thief who successfully carried out a number of international money and jewel heists.


Landon Van Soest

Stream The Jewel Thief on Hulu [May 2024]


Runtime: 1 hr 40 min Premiered: July 12, 2023 Certificate: R

Are you familiar with Gerald Blanchard the criminal? He was a robber, who arranged huge robberies in three continents. The Jewel Thief on Hulu is a docu-series on the creative, highly methodical, and well-organized criminal who surprised the world with his daring thefts.

What if I tell you, if you’re keen on learning about this accomplished criminal mastermind, you can watch a documentary to see the first-hand experience of Gerald Blanchard as he plans and performs his increasingly elaborate heists?

Well, if that interests you, then hop over to Hulu and watch “The Jewel Thief.” You will be left amazed by how calculating and intelligent this criminal’s mind is if he could use it for something moral and better.

This documentary tells his life story, along with his and his mother’s interviews, about how he behaved like James Bond, with Interpol chasing him all over the world.

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What is the Release Date of The Jewel Thief?

The Jewel Thief came to Hulu on July 13, 2023.

Is The Jewel Thief documentary real?

Yes, The Jewel Thief is a true crime documentary about the notorious Gerald Blanchard.

How accurate is The Jewel Thief?

The Jewel Thief is a retelling of Gerald Blanchard’s story, so it is pretty accurate.

What can I watch The Jewel Thief on?

You can watch The Jewel Thief on Hulu. It’s an online streaming platform that is subscription-based. Check out Hulu pricing and plans.

Is The Jewel Thief a good movie?

Yes, The Jewel Thief is a Crime Mystery that revolves around the true account of Gerald Blanchard, the robber who performed elaborate heists in modern history.

How much did Gerald Blanchard steal?

Gerald Blanchard has stolen the Star of Empress Sisi, $500,000 from Canadian Imperial Bank, and his latest conviction was for stealing PlayStations from Best Buy in Ontario, Canada with an accomplice.

Is The Jewel Thief on Hulu?

Yes, The Jewel Thief is available to watch on Hulu. But if Hulu is not accessible in your region, then ExpressVPN is the best VPN to get Hulu’s entire library easily.


The Jewel Thief on Hulu is a great docufilm, that you can watch anytime. Now, with the help of ExpressVPN, Hulu is accessible practically anywhere, so you can not stop with the binging! Let us know how you liked this documentary and what you thought of it.

Happy binging!