Watch Zombie Town on Hulu

In an attempt to impress his crush, Mike plays a forbidden movie at the cinema where he works and unleashes a curse that turns the whole town into the undead.


Peter Lepeniotis


Dean Wilkinson, Peter Lepeniotis, Michael Schwartz


Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Henry Czerny

How to Watch Zombie Town on Hulu [Feb 2024]


Runtime: 1 hr 33 min Premiered: August 31, 2023 Certificate: PG-13

Excited to watch a movie that will send shivers down your spine and keep you hooked with the surprising twists? If you love zombie movies, unlike Mike, then Zombie Town on Hulu is all that you need to scare the hell out of your pals!

A small town, filled with people who are passionately obsessed with Zombie films. However, Mike is not one of them and is forever reluctant when it comes to watching movies. But fate has a nasty sense of humor, and Mike gets work at a theater in order to impress his long-time crush, Amy.

One day at work, Mike plays a movie that holds an alarming secret. A forbidden movie, which upon being screened turns the seemingly familiar faces into a mindless, flesh-craving zombie. Will Mike be able to break the curse and set the town free of the deadly nemesis?

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Something You didn’t know About Zombie Town

An interesting coincidence about the show is that the series author R. L. Stine and cast member Chevy Chase, both are birthday twins, having the birth date of October 8, 1943.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kids watch Zombie Town movie?

Yes, Zombie Town is a children’s horror movie, that you can enjoy with your kids too.

How long is Zombie Town?

The Zombie Town movie is 1 hour 32 minutes long.

Where can I watch The Zombie Town movie?

If you intend to watch the Zombie Town movie, then Hulu is the place, make sure to launch ExpressVPN while streaming it globally.

What is the IMDb rating of Zombie Town?

The IMDb rating of Zombie Town is 4.6 out of 10.

What is Zombie Town rated?

The Zombie Town is rated PG-13.

What genre is Zombie Town?

The genres of Zombie Town are Comedy and Horror.

What is Zombie Town all about?

The Zombie-Town movie is a story of two teenagers who mistakenly unleashed a curse, which turned everyone in the town into a zombie.

Is Zombie Town worth watching?

Absolutely yes, Zombie Town is a thoroughly entertaining movie, having a perfect blend of comedy and horror.

Wrapping Up

The utterly chaotic atmosphere, brimming with laughter and tons of zombified moments awaits you in the absolute riot of Zombie Town on Hulu. So, gather your pals grab some snacks, and be ready for some jump scares and jaw-dropping junctures.

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Happy binging!