Watch Appendage on Hulu

A disturbed young woman is battling severe psychological stress that one day breaks out of her in the form of a terrifying creature set to consume her whole life.


Anna Zlokovic


Anna Zlokovic


Hadley Robinson, Emily Hampshire, Kausar Mohammed

How to Watch Appendage on Hulu [Apr 2024]

Runtime: 1 hr 34 min Premiered: March 10, 2023 Certificate: R

Do horror and psychological thrillers pique your interest? Then brace yourself as The Appendage on Hulu takes you on a twisted journey through body horror and disturbing realizations.

Hannah is a disturbed yet ambitious young fashion designer. Unable to meet the standards of her exacting boss, Hannah is falling into depression which is affecting her relationship with her boyfriend Kaelin, and her best friend Esther.

Hannah’s inner turmoil is compounded by the fact that she begins to suffer from severe pain in her abdomen which culminates in a monstrous creature sprouting from her body. Doctors give a medical explanation for the occurrence, but is this all of Hannah’s pent-up anxiety manifested in a terrifying physical form? And will it take over her life?

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How to Watch Appendage on Hulu

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FAQs: Watch Appendage on Hulu

Where can I watch The Appendage?

You can watch the Appendage on Hulu globally, with the help of ExpressVPN.

What is the runtime of the movie Appendage?

The runtime of the movie Appendage is 1hr 34 min.

Is the writer and the director the same person in the movie Appendage?

Yes, Appendage is both, written and directed by Anna Zlokovic.

What is the cast of Appendage?

The cast of Appendage includes Hadley Robinson, Emily Hampshire, Kausar Mohammed, and Brandon Mychal Smith.

What is the genre of the movie Appendage?

The genre of the movie Appendage is Horror and Drama.

Is Appendage worth watching?

Yes, Appendage is a horror thriller and has many twists to keep you hooked to the screens.

What message does the Appendage convey?

A horror movie that portrays the sensitive topic of depression and anxiety that if not controlled at the right time can manifest into a monster that will consume you.

Wrapping Up

The Appendage on Hulu is a horror thriller that portrays how psychological stress often gets neglected and goes on to create monsters.

Watch The Appendage on Hulu with ExpressVPN, so you won’t have to face any geo-blocking issues while streaming. Spread the horror yet a sense of love and care in your watch party squad.

Happy binging!