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Hoping to live in peace, a priest is exiled to a small village in Spain, only to be bothered by more demons that force him to ask a mayor and a veterinarian for help.

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Eduard Fernández, Megan Montaner, Miguel Ángel Silvestre

Stream 30 Coins Outside USA on Hulu [May 2024]

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Premiered: November 28, 2020 Certificate: MA

Are you okay to challenge the catholic knowledge that you know? Then Watch 30 Coins (30 Monedas), a TV show that can change your views and get you to acknowledge new conspiracy theories. Along with that, there’s a decent plot regarding a priest, who is exiled to a new place but ends up unfolding everything more than he expects.

When Father Vergara goes to Pedraza, a small town in Spain, he wishes to live peacefully. His troubling past is barely a past when he encounters a paranormal phenomenon. Needing the assistance of Paco, the mayor, and Elena, the town’s veterinarian, he unveils the mystery surrounding the coin he owns.

That coin is no ordinary coin, but it could be one of the thirty pieces of silver that was given to Judas Iscariot when he betrayed Jesus. Father Vergara is now stuck in a conspiracy regarding the Holy See itself, along with Paco and Elena.

Watch the show, 30 Coins to find out the rest, because this show is worth watching. The platform to offer you the show is Hulu and HBO Max, but if you’ve been a subscriber, you’d know that both platforms are not available outside USA. You will need a premium VPN if you’re outside the country on a trip or vacation.

How to Watch 30 Coins on Hulu with a VPN

If you’re not in the USA, you must use a VPN to access Hulu. Follow these instructions to easily connect via VPN and stream the show.

  1. Purchase a VPN membership. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
  2. Download its app and connect to an American server [preferably a New York server].
  3. Go to the Hulu website, and purchase the HBO Max add-on for $15.99/mo.
  4. Now, visit the HBO Max app and log in.
  5. Search for 30 Coins on Hulu and start streaming!

Total Seasons of 30 Coins

The first season, which is actually the first part of the show, premiered on HBO Europe on 29 November 2020 with 8 episodes. The rest of the episodes, which are categorized in the second season, were released weekly.

The first episode was screened at the 77th Venice International Film Festival on 11 September 2020.

The series was launched on American HBO in 2021 before being released on HBO Latin America for the intended audience.

Check out the easy table showcasing all seasons and episodes of 30 Coins.

Seasons Episodes Start Date End Date
1 8 November 29, 2020 January 17, 2021
2 4 October 23, 2023 November 13, 2023

Did You Know?

We bet you didn’t know about these facts about 30 Coins:

  • The title of this show is a biblical reference to Judas, who was paid 30 silver coins when he betrayed Jesus.
  • The first setback for the show was when the pandemic hit the world, but the second came soon after the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which took the series a long time to conclude.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How scary is 30 Coins?

30 Coins is a type of show with severe violence and grotesque scenes that make this show a horror.

Where to watch 30 Coins online?

You can watch 30 Coins online on HBO Max and Hulu (with Max add-on). If you’ve been traveling or are vacationing outside the USA, you’ll need a VPN to connect to Hulu or HBO Max. One such VPN is ExpressVPN.

Will 30 Coins have a Season 2?

Yes, the second season of 30 Coins premiered on Hulu on October 23 and ended on November 13, 2023.

What is the plot of 30 Coins?

The plot of 30 Coins is about a priest encountering a supernatural phenomenon relating to the coin he owns.

Is 30 Coins available in English?

Yes, 30 Coins is available in English. Originally in Spanish, you can change the subtitles to English from the settings corner of the menu. Or, you can change the subtitles language from the settings option on your device.

Is 30 Coins worth watching according to Reddit?

Yes, Reddit also agrees that 30 Coins is a show worth watching. Apparently, it covers everything in 12 episodes more than other shows, so it’s a good show you can start.


30 Coins on Hulu is an underrated TV show that is like the gem lying at the bottom of the treasure chest in the sea. If you haven’t watched 30 Coins on Hulu or Max, consider it a heavenly cue.

If Hulu or HBO Max don’t work in your location, you can always turn to a premium VPN, like ExpressVPN.

Happy binging!