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An ex-con on the run from a crimelord moves to a new town under a stolen identity, that of the sheriff. Old and new foes emerge threatening to uncover his past as he manages his law enforcement role while attempting to reconcile with a former lover and collaborator.

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Created By

David Schickler, Jonathan Tropper


Antony Starr, Ivana Miličević, Ulrich Thomsen

How to Watch Banshee Outside USA on Hulu [May 2024]


Runtime: 0 hr 50 min Premiered: January 10, 2013 Certificate: MA

Are you in for adrenaline-pumping chases and raw fights in the service of a plot with heart-pounding twists? If you are nodding your head in agreement, then get ready to watch Banshee Outside USA on Hulu, an ideal show to satisfy your action-thriller cravings.

In the heart of Pennsylvania, Banshee is a calm and captivating town, underneath which lies a realm of crime. The mysterious figure, Lucas Hood steps in Banshee, seemingly a sheriff, but in reality, a conman. He strives to navigate through the close-knit town, battling with the criminals.

While confronted with his past, Lucas realizes that it’s not just criminals with whom he needs to fight but the secrets that are creeping around are also a deep menace to the balance he is straining hard to retain. And just when you think you have got it all figured out, the unexpected twists will leave you jaw-dropped.

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How to Watch Banshee on Hulu Globally

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Banshee – Seasons

Here is the number of seasons and episodes of the binge-worthy series!

Seasons No. of Episodes
1 10
2 10
3 10
4 8

Interesting facts about Banshee

  • Did you know that Banshee had an entirely separate fitness department? It was assigned to assist the actors in maintaining physical shape for the combat scenes of the show.
  • Also, the lead actor Antony Starr got injured during his first fighting scene for Banshee, so much so that he got 13 stitches on his lips and the producers had to digitally remove the swelling and scar in the next episodes.
  • Furthermore, Antony Starr even asked the producer for less physically demanding fight scenes in the fourth season.

Awards and Accolades

A great series it is, this is why Banshee has won 1 Primetime Emmy Award plus 2 wins and 9 nominations on its sleeve.

What’s more on Hulu besides Banshee?

Want to keep your binge-watching collection keep flooding, but are overwhelmed with the choices? Don’t sweat it, we have made it easier for you. Tune into these contents below and have a fantastic binge-watching session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of show is Banshee?

Banshee is an action-drama show that follows the story of a sheriff who battles with the criminals in the town.

What is the genre of Banshee?

The genre of Banshee is Crime, Action, Mystery, and Thriller.

Where can I watch Banshee?

You can watch Banshee on Hulu, and by using ExpressVPN you can effortlessly enjoy it globally.

Is Banshee available to watch offline?

Yes, the first season of Banshee is available for purchase on DVDs and Blu-ray.

What is the runtime of Banshee?

The runtime of each episode of Banshee is 1 hour.

Is there season 5 of Banshee?

No, there is no season 5 of Banshee, the show was concluded with 4 seasons.

Is Banshee worth watching?

Absolutely yes! It is a nail-biting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

What is the IMDb rating of Banshee?

The IMDb rating of Hulu is 8/10.

Wrapping Up

Want to get whisked away in the world of crime and drastic fights with twists stalking at every corner? Then watching Banshee Outside USA on Hulu is a must-watch for you. And you wouldn’t want to miss the action! So, get some popcorn prepared and a dedicated VPN like ExpressVPN to make your streaming smooth like butter!

Happy binging!