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A dream job becomes a nightmare for Patrick, who desires to become a squire at the castle.

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Tom Root, John Harvatine IV

How to Watch Crossing Swords on Hulu Abroad [May 2024]


Runtime: 0 hr 23 min Premiered: June 11, 2020 Certificate: MA

Interested in watching an adult cartoon? Watch Crossing Swords on Hulu. Crossing Swords is an animated show that is made for adults who prefer watching cartoons.

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How to Watch Crossing Swords on Hulu Internationally [May 2024]

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Patrick, an amiable peasant who wants to be a squire at the castle, finally gets his dream job. That dream job for Patrick is supposed to set everything straight for him, but the same dream job becomes a nightmare as Patrick realizes that his beloved kingdom is not a place for people like him. The dream place for his desired job is run by lewd monarchs, swindlers, and crooks that ruin the whole experience for Patrick.

FAQs: Watch Crossing Swords on Hulu

Is Crossing Swords kid-friendly?

No, Crossing Swords is not kid-friendly, as there are many gruesome scenes.

Where to watch Crossing Swords?

Watch Crossing Swords on Hulu. This platform offers many more TV shows, movies, and sports. You can access Hulu worldwide with the help of ExpressVPN.

How many seasons of Crossing Swords are there?

There are 2 seasons of Crossing Swords.

What type of animation is Crossing Swords?

Crossing Swords is an adult stop-motion animated sitcom.

Did Hulu cancel Crossing Swords?

Yes, Crossing Swords was canceled by Hulu after 2 seasons.

Who created Crossing Swords?

The creators of Crossing Swords are John Harvatine IV and Tom Root.

When did Crossing Swords come out?

Crossing Swords came out in 2020 and ran until 2021.

Is Crossing Swords on Hulu?

Yes, Crossing Swords is on Hulu. You can watch Hulu anywhere now, thanks to ExpressVPN.


Hulu is a great platform, and you can easily watch Crossing Swords on Hulu easily with ExpressVPN. If you like such animations, you can check out other similar shows, like Family Guy, Rick and Morty, etc.

Happy binging!