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A young man accidentally freezes himself in a cryogenic chamber and wakes up a millennium later. He joins a mixed-species group of colorful characters to rebuild his life.

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Created By

Matt Groening


Shirin Najafi, Cody Ziglar


Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio

How to Watch Futurama on Hulu [Apr 2024]

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Runtime: 0 hr 22 min Premiered: March 27, 1999 Certificate: 14

In the mood to watch some humorous sci-fi? Then rejoice as Futurama is on Hulu. The hit animated TV show made for adults marks the return of potty-mouthed robot Bender and competent Captain Leela along with our hapless hero, Fry.

Young pizza deliverer Phillip J. Fry falls into a freezer and is cryogenically frozen for years until he wakes up in the year 2999. It’s the 31st of December, and he’s just in time for the end of the millennium. Everything has changed as he meets his only living descendant, an aged scientist running a delivery company in space.

The rest of the crew is a cast of absolutely fantastic characters. Adjusting to this new life, Fry starts a job at Planet Express, the interplanetary delivery company. The series explores their adventures in space with memorable one-liners delivered in hilarious situations.

If you haven’t watched Futurama yet, then tune in today and stream the show; you’ll love it if you’re a fan of adult comedy cartoons. And if you’re not in the US and can’t access your Hulu account, then let ExpressVPN do the job of unblocking the site for you so you can stream Hulu internationally.

Watch Futurama Online with a VPN in 2024

If you are not sure how to use a VPN to stream Futurama online on Hulu, then here’s a set of instructions.

  1. Get a premium VPN subscription. ExpressVPN works best with Hulu.
  2. Download the VPN app and set it up by logging in.
  3. Connect to an American Server [preferably New York server].
  4. Go to the Hulu website and search for Futurama. Start streaming!

Did you Know?

  • Futurama on Hulu is a reboot of the original TV series that was once used to be on Fox, then moved to Comedy Central, and finally after a decade of break, found its home on Hulu for its 9th season.
  • The company logo for 20th Century Fox production has been edited to fit the theme of the show, as it says “30th Century Fox,” given the fact that the show starts when Fry wakes up in the 31st century.
  • The creators of the show, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, are co-workers for Groening’s previous hit series, The Simpsons.

How Many Seasons does Futurama have?

Futurama has been around for two decades now, and there have been several seasons and episodes of it. Here’s a complete list:

Season Episodes Year
1 13 1999
2 19 1999-2000
3 22 2001-2002
4 18 2003
5 16 (4 sets) 2008-2009
6 26 2010-2011
7 26 2012-2013
8 20 2023-2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch all the seasons of Futurama?

You can watch all seasons of Futurama on Hulu and Disney Plus. And if you can’t access any of these platforms due to geo-restrictions, you should use a reliable premium VPN.

Where to watch Futurama?

You can watch complete seasons of Futurama on Hulu and Disney Plus, up to 5 seasons with purchase on Apple TV+, and a season only upon purchase of FXNOW, Spectrum, and Comedy Central. Plus, you can watch 9 seasons on Microsoft, 5 on Google Play, and 4 on Prime Video and Vudu.

Is Futurama coming back from being canceled?

Yes, Futurama was picked up for its 12th season on 2nd November 2023. The details are yet to be announced.

How long are Futurama episodes?

Futurama episodes are each 22 minutes long.

How come Futurama isn’t on Disney+, unlike The Simpsons?

Futurama is available on Disney Plus for streaming.

Is Futurama on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Futurama is on Amazon Prime Video. However, you can only watch up to 4 seasons only.

How many episodes of Futurama did Hulu order?

Futurama has 20 episodes in the new season, however, it is split into 10 episodes in each part, with a break between the two volumes.

Is Futurama season 11 out?

Yes, Futurama season 11, AKA season 9 is out. It was released on July 24, 2023.

Why are Futurama episodes out of order on Hulu?

The production team created 7 seasons of the show but due to some networks airing the show out of the planned order, the broadcast order has made it to 10 seasons.

What is the highest-rated episode of Futurama?

The “Jurassic Bark” Season 4, Episode 7, released in 2002 is the top-rated episode of Futurama.

What age is Fry in Futurama?

Fry is 25 years old in Futurama.

Calculon’s Curtain Call

Futurama is the type of show that will have you bending over and laughing as you binge entire seasons in one sitting. If you haven’t started the show yet, you’re in for a ride! The good thing is that you can watch Futurama on Hulu and Disney Plus with all the seasons, so take advantage of this opportunity while you can.

If you see errors on those platforms because of unavailability, then use ExpressVPN, the friend of geo-restrictions.

Happy binging!