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In Fairhope, Alabama, five multigenerational women venture to find true love. With dating apps in abundance, offering nothing but disappointments, a genuine connection is like a needle in a haystack of broken hearts and hopes.



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How to Watch Love in Fairhope Outside USA on Hulu

Runtime: 0 hr 24 min Premiered: September 26, 2023

Are you a softie when it comes to sweet love stories? Do romantic shows make your heart flutter? If that is the case then Love in Fairhope on Hulu is an unscripted reality series that will quench your thirst for love stories.

In Alabama, Fairhope, five amazing ladies across generations undertake a journey to find genuine love. Including  Abby Manich, who just moved back from New York and is now looking for a love spark in her life. Also meet Mya Jo Williams who is willing to welcome a new person in her life, but is uncertain.

LaShoundra Young’s marriage is going through a rough time. Meanwhile, Olivia Ogletree is re-examining her love life too. Lastly, Claiborne Walsh, married for 54 years, is striving to move forward from her husband’s death.

Is it possible to mend a broken love life at any phase? Love is for all and at every age is possible, how true could that be? Curious to find the unscripted sweet stories of epic women in the confines of a magical town. Then make sure to opt for a reliable VPN to get Hulu outside USA because it would bombard you with Hulu errors otherwise.

Step to Stream – Watch Love in Fairhope on Hulu Internationally

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  1. Firstly, subscribe and sign up for our recommended VPN, ExpressVPN.
  2. Then, search and join a US server. [“New York server is recommended.”]
  3. Lastly, log in to your Hulu account and enjoy watching Love in Fairhope on Hulu.

Interesting Fact

Did you know that the producer Lauren Weber came up with the concept of the reality romantic series Love in Fairhope? She had not visited Alabama ever before, she just had a vague notion about the beauty of it.

When filming the show there, she got inspired and fell in love with the beauty and warmth of the people here so much that she decided to move to Fairhope, and now, her family is relocating there too. Indeed a picturesque sight to behold in the amazing show.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dating show in Fairhope, Alabama?

Love in Fairhope is the unscripted dating show that is released on Hulu and filmed in Fairhope, Alabama.

Is Love in Fairhope scripted?

No, Love in Fairhope is an unscripted show, involving the relationship dynamics of five women, who live in a small town in Alabama.

Where can I watch Love in Fairhope?

You can watch the Love in Fairhope on Hulu. and to stream it globally, you will need an ExpressVPN.

How many seasons are there of Love in Fairhope?

There is only one season of Love in Fairhope that is being released. However, you can expect a sequel in the near future.

How many episodes does Love in Fairhope have?

There are a total of 9 episodes of the series Love in Fairhope.

What genre is Love in Fairhope?

The genre of Love in Fairhope is Reality Show, Romance, and Drama.

Can I watch Love in Fairhope with my kids?

Yes, it is a wonderful show that you can even enjoy with your kids.

Is Love in Fairhope a good watch?

Certainly yes, the show is a feel-good show and is filled with a refreshing plot in the backdrop of a serene view of Fairhope.

Wrapping Up

Set in the beautiful town of Fairhope, which you would end up wanting to visit, this show will inspire you to either find love yourself or luckily if you already have a love life, will rouse you to nurture your bond. In the midst of sappy dramas, treat yourself to a simple and creative romantic show like Love in Fairhope on Hulu.

And to have seamless streaming worldwide, make sure to go for a safe VPN to safeguard you against all intruders and provide you with a blazing-fast streaming experience.

Happy binging!