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Young Clary finds out that she’s part of a secret clan of human-angel hybrids, Shadowhunters, that hunt dark entities using their super powers.

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Created By

Ed Decter


Matthew Daddario, Harry Shum Jr., Dominic Sherwood

How to Watch Shadowhunters Outside USA on Hulu

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Runtime: 0 hr 42 min Premiered: January 11, 2016 Certificate: 14

Shadowhunters have got all that you need to spice up your watching experience. From dramatic action to forbidden fling to moving fellowships. Would you dare to join the squad? Then hop on the ride and stream Shadowhunters Outside USA on Hulu.

A hidden world where the ancients war amid the angels and the demons has dribbled into modern-day existence. Posing a serious threat to the mortals. In this chaotic situation, Clary discovers herself thrown into the intricate realm, inheriting her abilities to fight against supernatural forces as she’s a born Shadowhunter.

Together with her squad, she combats with the forces to regain the mighty Mortal Cup, which can help bring the equilibrium between good and evil. But that’s not all, Clary’s heart is bewildered between Jace, a proficient Shadowhunter, and Simon, her best friend who just turned into a vampire.

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How to Watch Shadowhunters on Hulu Internationally

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Did You know?

  • The series, Shadowhunters is actually based on the book series called “The Mortal Instruments” by Cassandra Clare.
  • Actor Mathew Daddario had auditioned for the role of Jace, but the author, Cassandra Clare proposed that he would be most suitable for the role of Alec.
  • The entire central cast including Dominic Sherwood and Katherine McNamara got tattoos of the angelic rune after wrapping up the first season.

Shadowhunters – Seasons

Here are the details regarding the epic series, inviting you for a long binge-worthy session!

Seasons Episodes
1 13
2 20
3 22

Awards and Acknowledgments

The book, the series also got recognition among the masses. And for all the right reasons, this is why it bagged 13 wins and 23 nominations under its belt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Seasons does Shadowhunters have?

Shadowhunters have 3 seasons.

Is Another Season of Shadowhunters Coming Out?

No, season 4 of Shadowhunters is very unlikely to happen. Season 3 was the final season of the show.

How Many Episodes does Shadowhunters have?

Shadowhunters has a total of 55 episodes.

Where Can I Watch Shadowhunters?

If you intend to watch Shadowhunters then Hulu is the right place, by employing ExpressVPN you can even stream the show from anywhere in the world.

How Long are Episodes of Shadowhunters?

The episodes of Shadowhunters are 42 minutes long.

What is the IMDb rating of Shadowhunters?

The IMDb rating of Shadowhunters is 7.6 out of 10.

What Genre is Shadowhunters?

The genre of Shadowhunters is Action, Drama, Romance and Fantasy.

Wrapping Up

Enjoy the extraordinary premise of Shadowhunters Outside USA on Hulu rescuing the world against the demons while battling their battles.  The series is an absolute thriller with loads of twists and moments that will make you instantly fall in love with it.

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Happy binging!