Tokyo Revengers Outside USA on Hulu

Hanagaki Takemichi, a freelancer, is already buried in the pits of despair when his ex-girlfriend dies. Suddenly, he is thrown 12 years back into the past and gains a chance to redeem himself and change the fate of himself and his loved ones.




Yasuyuki Muto, Ken Wakui


Yuuki Shin, Azumi Waki, Ryota Osaka

How to Watch Tokyo Revengers Outside USA on Hulu [May 2024]

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Runtime: 0 hr 24 min Premiered: April 10, 2021 Certificate: MA

Are you a fan of mind-boggling time travel tales and revenge-filled sagas? Then get ready to jump into the thrilling adventure of Tokyo Revengers Outside USA on Hulu. So, buckle up as the action-packed series will have you on your toes with excitement.

Hanagaki Takemichi, a seemingly ordinary guy, is somehow always down on his luck, living a gloomy life. One day, he surprisingly uncovers his ability to travel back in time. But here we go, he’s not exploiting this opportunity to fix things in his favor, but to save his girlfriend Hinata and his friends from falling into a death trap.

Nothing comes for free, and changing the course of yore is no different, he has to combat the deadly Tokyo Manji Gang while penetrating the underbelly of street crimes. A perfect tapestry of love, time travel, and revenge.

Tokyo Revengers will take you on a blazing desire for revenge while digging into the themes of deliverance, loss, and second chances. Witness this masterpiece, that will capture your heart by simply opting for a quality VPN and Boom! Now you can effortlessly watch Hulu outside USA in your homeland.

How to Watch Tokyo Revengers on Hulu using a VPN

Eager to catch this action-packed thriller on Hulu, then all you will need is an exceptional VPN. Therefore, use these uncomplicated steps and begin streaming:

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  2. Then, search and join a US server. [“New York server is recommended.”]
  3. Now, log in to your Hulu account and enjoy watching Tokyo Revengers on Hulu.

An interesting fact about Tokyo Revengers

The ever-famous manga is both written and illustrated by the talented Ken Wakui. But did you know that before writing this manga, he had been a member of a gang? Now you know where his inspiration comes from.

Tokyo – Revengers

Here are the details regarding the epic season, inviting you for a long binge-worthy session!

Seasons No. of Episodes
1 24
2 13
3 10

Awards and Accolades

The series has not only successfully won the hearts of many, but has bagged 2 wins and 9 nominations under its belt.

What’s on Hulu besides Tokyo Revengers

Once a binge-watcher, always a binge-watcher. To keep the binge-worthy collection for the streamer flowing, we have picked a few content that will cater to your needs! Find these on Hulu in your country and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many seasons does Tokyo Revengers have?

Tokyo Revengers has 3 seasons.

How many episodes does Tokyo Revengers have?

There are a total of 47 episodes of Tokyo Revengers.

Where can I watch Tokyo Revengers?

You can watch the most cherished series exclusively on Hulu, and if you are watching it from around the globe then simply opt for ExpressVPN.

How long are episodes of Tokyo Revengers?

The episodes of Tokyo Revengers are 24 minutes long.

What is the IMDb rating of Tokyo Revengers?

The IMDb rating of Tokyo Revengers is 8.5 out of 10.

Will Tokyo Revengers have Season 4?

Yes, you can expect Season 4 of Tokyo Revengers to be unleashed in 2024.

What genre is Tokyo Revengers?

The genre of Tokyo Revengers is Action, Drama, and Anime.

Wrapping Up

Tokyo Revengers on Hulu has something for everyone, whether you are a time-travel geek, have an interest in coming-of-age narratives, or just plain heart-pounding action. The series has ample twists to keep you glued to your seats.

So, grab your popcorn and ensure your subscription to the reliable ExpressVPN, the gateway for smooth streaming.

Happy binging!