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Meet a dysfunctional and odd community, where salad bowl theory comes alive. The Letterkenny society is filled with all sorts of people with color, race and morals who fight with each other all the time.

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Created By

Jared Keeso


Jared Keeso, Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett

How to Watch Letterkenny on Hulu outside USA in May 2024

Runtime: 0 hr 22 min Premiered: February 7, 2016 Certificate: MA

Are you in search of a binge-worthy series this weekend? And find out the most awaited sitcom, Letterkenny on Hulu. This series will amuse you, and bring you the laughter that is just what you need at the end of the day.

Letterkenny revolves around the story of a small rural Canadian family. The series focuses on two siblings, Wayne and Katy, who run a small farm. Most of the people who live in this town are farmers, “hicks,” drug addicts, “skids,” or “natives.”

The groups are always fighting each other, with weird antics that are sure to bring you amusement. Letterkenny is a low-investment, high-reward way to escape the real world with surprisingly queer, obscenely funny, lighthearted joy.

If you are interested in watching this, head over to Hulu and start streaming. Hulu is not available in the regions outside USA, so make sure you bring a VPN with you.

How to Watch Letterkenny on Hulu With a VPN

Outside the US, Hulu is geo-restricted, so here’s how you can watch the most anticipated sitcom with a VPN:

  1. Sign up and subscribe to a reputable VPN, ExpressVPN.
  2. Choose the US server from the drop-down menu. [New York is recommended]
  3. Log in to your Hulu account and enjoy streaming Letterkenny on Hulu.

Something You Didn’t Know

  • Did you know that Letterkenny began its life as a YouTube series called “Letterkenny Problems.”
  • Jared Keeso is the producer of the show, as he said that he and his writing partner had made up the show, about half of it, and the other half is what they witnessed when they went for a trip to rural Canada to play Hockey.
  • Brad Pitt himself has stated that he’s a fan of Letterkenny. It was in 2020 on the red carpet of Academy Awards.

Total Seasons of Letterkenny

There are currently 12 seasons of Letterkenny, with the 12th releasing together with its episodes on 26th December, 2023. Check out this easily understandable table we’ve made for you:

Season Episodes Release Date
1 6 February 7, 2016
2 6 December 25, 2016
St. Patrick’s Day Special March 17, 2017
3 6 July 1, 2017
Halloween Special October 20, 2017
4 6 December 25, 2017
Easter Special March 23, 2018
5 6 June 29, 2018
Christmas Special November 23, 2018
6 6 December 25, 2018
Valentine’s Day Special February 1, 2019
7 6 October 11, 2019
8 7 December 25, 2019
9 7 December 25, 2020
10 6 December 25, 2021
Women’s Day Special March 8, 2022
11 6 December 25, 2022
12 6 December 26, 2023

Where Can You Watch ‘Letterkenny’ Season 12?

Letterkenny is back on Hulu with the 12th season. And if you’re a Canadian, you can watch the show on Crave on 25th December, just in time for Christmas. But if you’re not, Hulu will be your top platform to stream twelfth season of Letterkenny on 26th December 2023.

And if you’re not in the USA, because Hulu only operates in the USA, then you should have a VPN handy, as it is the only way for you to access Hulu without alarming the service authorities.

What are Trending Shows to Watch on Hulu besides Letterkenny?

Stream these shows while you wait patiently for the 12th season of Letterkenny:

FAQs on Letterkenny

Where to watch Letterkenny?

The streaming platform Hulu makes it easy for you to watch Letterkenny. You only have to choose a suitable package to subscribe to it.

How can I watch Letterkenny on Hulu internationally?

Hulu is a great way to catch up on your favorite shows like Letterkenny, but you’re probably traveling abroad, and since Hulu is not available outside the USA, you must connect.

How to watch Letterkenny for free?

If you are a new Hulu subscriber, you can watch Letterkenny for free by availing of Hulu’s 30-day free trial.

Who plays Shoresy in Letterkenny?

Shoresy is played in Letterkenny by none other than its creator, writer, and actor, Jared Keeso, although in disguise.

How many seasons of Letterkenny are there?

There are 12 seasons of Letterkenny that you can binge-watch on the weekend.

Where I can watch Letterkenny all Season outside USA?

You can watch Letterkenny all seasons on Hulu and Crave. But if you’re outside USA, you will need a VPN to access the sites.

Wrap Up

Hulu is home to a lot of amazing shows and movies. But unfortunately, it is restricted to the US only. If you want to stream Letterkenny on Hulu outside the US, subscribe to a trusted VPN, like ExpressVPN, to connect to a US server and stream Hulu anywhere.

Let us know how you liked the show.

Happy binging!