Watch White House Plumbers on Hulu

The story of Agents Liddy and Hunt, assigned to curb info leaks from inside Nixon's White House, and how their movements caused a break-in at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters setting off the Watergate Scandal.



Created By

Peter Huyck, Alex Gregory


Matthew Krogh, Egil Krogh


Woody Harrelson, Justin Theroux, Lena Headey

How to Watch White House Plumbers Outside US on Hulu | 2024

Premiered: April 30, 2023 Certificate: MA

Do the bizarre secret agents investigating political mysteries within the confines of the White House incite your interest? Then the limited series White House Plumbers on Hulu is what you need to binge right away!

The story delves into the Watergate scandal that took the United States by storm in the 70s. The story is a real-life saga based on agents, G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt. They were given the daunting task of fixing the leak of covert information in the Democratic National Committee Headquarters.

But what a bummer! They ended up tangled in the entrapment of political intelligence and toppling the Govt they were supposed to protect.

Several pieces of content have covered the event, but the take of White House Plumbers on Hulu stands tall among all. Therefore, to watch Hulu outside USA you will need to get a good VPN. To dodge all the Hulu errors that may distort your streaming experience, always opt for a reliable and premium one.

How to Watch White House Plumbers on Hulu Globally

Eager to catch the exhilarating political muddle in a cinematic experience on Hulu in your country? You will need a premium VPN. Therefore, use these simple steps and start streaming:

  1. Firstly, subscribe and sign up for our recommended VPN, ExpressVPN.
  2. Then, search and join a US server. [“New York server is recommended.”]
  3. Now, log in to your Hulu account and enjoy watching White House Plumbers on Hulu.

Did You Know?

There is a scene in the series where Howard Hunt gets a call from the reporter Bob Woodward, that voice is taken from Robert Redford’s in All the President’s Men.

Award and Acknowledgement

The amazing limited series successfully bagged 14 nominations under its belt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a season 2 of White House Plumbers?

No, there is only one season of White House Plumbers.

How many episodes of White House Plumbers are there?

There are a total of five episodes of The White House Plumbers.

What is White House Plumbers based on?

The White House Plumbers is based on the shocking and the biggest political scandal of all time, the Watergate scandal.

Where can I watch White House Plumbers?

If you are looking for a platform to watch The White House Plumbers, then Hulu is the place. However, use ExpressVPN to stream it worldwide.

What is the runtime of White House Plumbers?

The runtime of White House Plumbers is 55 minutes.

Is White House Plumber worth watching?

Yes, if you have a taste for political dynamics, then watching The White House Plumbers will be a treat for you.

What is the IMDb rating of White House Plumbers?

The IMDb rating of White House Plumbers is 6.3/10.

What genre is White House Plumbers?

The genre of White House Plumbers is Drama, Biography, and Politics.

Wrapping Up

The show White House Plumbers on Hulu gives you deep insights into the renowned scandal of Watergate, covering hidden intricacies, and how things unfolded later. All in a quirky and entertaining way. Certainly a show not to miss out even if geo-restrictions bar you from streaming Hulu internationally.

Why worry when you have ExpressVPN at your disposal, to give you a secure and seamless streaming experience?

Happy binging!